Mohammadreza Azodi

Mohammad-Reza Azodi

Degree: MSc         Start: Sep. 2011         Finish: Feb. 2015

Supervisor: Dr. Bahman Zamani

Thesis Title: Variability Management in Service Oriented Architecture using Model Driven Methods

Thesis Abstract:
In recent decades, software systems have become an integral part of human lives. One of the most important categories of software systems are systems which has been developed based on service oriented architecture. Due to complexity of service oriented systems, new methods for modeling them before the developing phase are crucial. By modeling service oriented system at the earlier phases, system’s faults could be detected with less cost and effort. Hence, new approaches for modeling service oriented systems are beneficial. Different approaches exist for modeling service oriented systems. One of the most practical approaches is using model driven architecture. Using UML is relevant approach for modeling phase. However, UML does not provide a practical approach for modeling systems based on service oriented architecture. Therefore, UML extension is needed. One of the most reliable mechanisms of extending UML is UML profile. Using UML profile, designers can define new concepts in UML easily. In this thesis a new UML profile called SoaNfMl has been created. SoaNfMl provides a more complete approach for modeling service oriented systems. Moreover, model transformation and automatic code generation is supported in this thesis. The applicability of the proposed approach is shown by modeling two applications with SoaNfMl.

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