Research Areas

  1. Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
    • Meta-modeling & modeling languages
      • UML profiles
      • Domain Specific Modeling Languages (DSML)
      • Domain-Specific Meta-Modeling languages (DSM2L)
    • Model Transformations
      • Engineering model transformations (transformation life-cycle)
      • Model transformation testing
      • Bidirectional transformations (Bx)
      • Reactive & incremental transformations
      • Model transformation patterns
    • Model-driven reverse engineering (MDRE)
    • Model Management
      • Model versioning, synchronization, and merging
      • Inter-model consistency
    • Model Execution
      • Compaction of model execution traces
  2. Software design patterns
    • Design patterns and anti-patterns
    • Pattern Language Verification (PLV)
  3. Software Testing
    • Automatic test case generation
    •  Model-Based Testing (MBT)
  4. Problem and solution domains
    • Emergency Response Environments (ERE)
    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
      • Pervasive context-aware services
    • Android applications
    • Computer games
    • Software security
      • Malware detection & repair
      • Vulnerability analysis
      • Access control policies

If you want to read some seminal papers related to the above subjects, click here…use “b1” as username and “Papers12” as password.

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